Company overview

B&O Logistic workes in logistics services for more than seven years. During this time, tremendous experience in the service sector has been acquired. Our experts will gladly help you organize and debug all the logistics processes of your business ranging from assistance in preparation of the documents to the delivery of transported goods directly to you or your customers.

The Company provides services in many sectors of the economy, such as:

  • heavy engineering and equipment industry;

  • metallurgy;

  • oil and gas sector;

  • mass-media market;

  • light and food industry;

  • construction of industrial facilities and housing and public utilities;

  • transport market.

Since the beginning of 2007 B&O Logistic collaborate with the company DMD-Cargo, providing services in storage and handling, thus having the opportunity to consolidate and store the delivered goods not only in Europe but also in Russia at "own" A class storage areas, which meet world standards of warehouses at this level..

  Services provided by B&O Logistic

Transport services

  • Preparation and transportation of heavy, bulky and technically complex goods;

  • Transportation of dangerous goods;

  • Transportation of modular cargoes, consolidation of small goods in Europe from anywhere in the world;

  • Using of all types of transport: shipping (America, Southeast Asia), road transportation (Europe), rail transportation (Europe, CIS, China), air transportation (international and domestic flights)

Customs and warehouse services

  • Optimizing service of foreign trade contracts and passports of transactions;

  • Preparation / review of documents for customs clearance (Carnet TIR, Invoice, etc.);

  • Registration of cargo customs declarations, assistance in passing of customs procedures;

  • Increase of the share capital by means of technological equipment introduction;

  • Registration of temporary import / export;

  • Placement of cargo at temporary storage warehouses and public warehouses.

Insurance and Certification

  • Comprehensive insurance with responsibility for all risks or selectively;

  • Insurance against total loss of all or part of the cargo;

  • Insurance against risks of handling/storage and location at temporary storage;

  • Cooperation with the leading Russian insurance companies;

  • Certificates of origin, certificates of conformity;

  • Phytosanitary and veterinary certification;

  • Sanitary — epidemiological conclusion;


  • Optimization of the transport route;

  • Choosing the transportation mode and vehicle type;

  • Consultation on the terms of delivery;

  • Optimization of loading the vehicle;

  • Assistance with customs law, calculation of taxes and duties.

Purchase and delivery of technological equipment

  • Commissioning and warranty service.

Groupage cargo, transportation of assorted lading in Russia, the carriage of dangerous goods, licenses to transport dangerous goods, carriage of dangerous goods in Russia..

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